April 13, 2017

Transportadora de Gas del Sur

We feel like a SITTING DUCK on the markets.

“It’s waiting that helps you as an investor, and a lot of people just can’t stand to wait.” – Charlie Munger

TGS (ISIN: US8938702045 )

Transportadora De Gas Del Sur S.A. (TGS) is a transporter of natural gas in Argentina, delivering approximately 61% of the country's total gas consumption through 7,419 kilometers (4,610 miles) of pipelines with a delivery capacity of approximately 62.5 million cubic meters a day (MMm3/d).MARKET: NYSE


Gain over the last quarter: +64 % 

Fair value: $ 15.75
Discount: N/A
Average yearly return: 50%

On March 7, 2017
Moody's changes outlook to positive on Argentine Infrastructure Issuers